Find the Melody is unique music game based on music skills.

Feel like a real musician discovering the most beautiful pieces of classical music.

The unique mechanics

Find the Melody has extraordinary mechanics which uses primarily your hearing and later it only uses the dexterity of your fingers. Unlike typical rhythm games, Find the Melody does not use reflexes and dexterity, but your hearing and your sense of rhythm.

Quite a lot of levels to beat

Go through 225 levels of an increasing difficulty in three unique modes of entertainment: basic, based on differences in tones and more advanced: one enriched with the rhythm and the second one enriched with timing differences between tones.

Easy to understand for everyone

The simplicity of the rules makes the game accessible for people of almost any age. Whether you are a novice musician or an advanced one, this game will provide you with much pleasure. And maybe even will surprise you 🙂

The simplest possible controlling

In Find the Melody there are no buttons which you need to press or no controls which you need to remember about – just tap anywhere on the screen, and then tap the right or left of it.

Different sounds

Going through the game, you will unlock in sequence 10 characters, each of which has its own instrument of a different sound.

Nice graphics

Aesthetic, sophisticated graphics will make your gaming experience enjoyable for you and your protégés, giving you not only sound but also visual impressions.

Whether you play the instrument, compose or simply wanna be better – check and feel the difference!

Let's Play!

Develop Yourself

Find the Melody is a great first step in the world of music.

First step in the world of music

If you would like to develop your skills and would like to start with something affordable, Find the Melody will be a perfect companion.

Ear for music

The initial stage of learning a musical ear is to train to distinguish the level of tones. This is one of the basic mechanisms in Find the Melody, so you will learn it for sure.

Sense of a rhythm

The second mode of the game to distinguish the level of tones adds the rhythm – you need not only to play properly, but in the original tempo.


The third mode is based on distinguishing not only a level of tones but also their distance from each other. This is the perfect first step to learning to play the instruments such as a violin or a trombone.



Introduce something new to lessons

Tablets in school, used for interactive teaching aids are becoming more common. Now you can use it also for music lessons!

A good start

Find the Melody does not have any elements that child associates them with “boring educational programs.” Instead, it has colourful graphics, funny characters, and most importantly – interesting mechanics which gives a lot of pleasure.

Teaching through fun

Research shows that skills developed while playing accompany us in everyday life. It’s a great way for young people themselves to reach for the software that develops them.

Check the skills of your protégés

If you want to know how well your protégés have developed melodies memorizing skills and distinguishing the levels of tones and a sense of rhythm as well as intervals, use Find Melody to measure their abilities.

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